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Chicken uses pig for chair while geese watch

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Chicken uses pig for chair while geese watch
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Image by rikkis_refuge
Between now and Sponsor Appreciation Day on April 28, come visit the animals. Get your photo taken with the most number of animals possible sitting, climbing, or sleeping on you. The animals must be residents of Rikki's Refuge. Photos will hang in the gift shop. At 3 p.m. on April 28 the winners will be chosen. All winners will receive a custom Rikki's T-shirt in their favorite size and color. Winners will be in the categories of: Most Number of Species Piled on Me, Most Number of Animals on Me, Most Number of Animals on My Head, and Most Unusual and Creative Pose.

Join in the fun sign, up to receive Hairballs, the e-mail newsletter with all the stories of what’s coming up in the crazy world of Animal Antics, brought to you by the critters of Rikki’s Refuge, send your request to mail@RikkisRefuge.org

Don’t miss Sponsor Appreciation Day, an Open House at Rikki’s Refuge, April 28 from noon until 4 p.m. Tours run every half hour, refreshments and vegan yummies, the Great Baldino performs his magic show at 1 p.m. This special event is free tour Family Members. Admission for others is one can of cat or dog food. Rikki's Refuge No Kill Animal Sanctuary, www.RikkisRefuge.org

Day 09.07 life: a slim line between crazy fre and a deer on the wall
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Image by Frerieke
what a day!

magic in the sky.

I woke up. my left side of my neck and shoulder didn't want to move. painful! Got to work and Ruth gave me a wonderful massage (I forgot, in one of her previous lives she was a physio..). It helped a bit.
Getting quotes from printers to have 12 A1 color laminated prints (expensive!!!) Ruth opens the yellow page, sees a number, says, let's just give it a try....Ruth managed to get all 12 A1's for free! magic

Frerieke.nl down. email from mum....she is missing her daily drug (reading my photo of the day). I said: the good news is you can still find it on flickr, but no, that's not the same...Thanks mum for being an addict to the drugs I create...so much that you take on paying to enable that crazy stuff of mine to be online. Very much appreciated!

Met up with Tina this evening, who I hadn't seen for a long time! I decided it is time to reconnect with friends, I say it...put it out there in the universe.

get home...mail from Hes, who I haven't been in contact with for a LONG time (the universe comes back at me!) Surfchicas.nl down (aai yeah...i have no money for my own site, nor for all the other sites registered on my name). Am just writing Hes an email back...how we need a 'breakdown' (no money to have sites online) to experience the 'breakthrough' (yiehaa...connecting with friends)

Spoke with Tina (who is 39 and single and running her own architectural firm ) about the lives we are living that are so different from the lives of most of our friends. Jep, mine are also getting babies now after having bought houses ....which I think is great! and sometimes I think...why not me? and then there is this big smile on my face with the thought of how much I love what I am doing

ps. the earrings, glasses and deer are borrowed from Tina. you think they fit me?

20080901 - Oranjello & Lemonjello - 167-6701 - playing with basket
animals for free
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
We got that basket for free at a yardsale when we were hunting for old clothes to use for wood staining (to wipe off the stain). The girl threw it in for free with a bunch of baby clothes. Every cat since has loved it.

climbing, playing.
Lemonjello the cat, Oranjello the cat, basket, mouse cat toy.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn's house, Alexandria, Virginia.

September 1, 2008.

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