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Cool Wild Animals images

Check out these wild animals images:

Arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)
wild animals
Image by Billy Lindblom
My only comment is: Hahaha i love this animals.

Gona add a bit Information about this cool animal.

Arctic fox at Svalbard autumn in september, its starting to get winter and the fox gets whiter again.

Many of them are where curious but they can have some parasite so you dont whant them to take a shit close to your gear or on stuff that you will be useing.

And rabies that they can have can only spred trow wounds or if they bite.

You maibe think this little thing will freeze during the cold winter but the Arctic fox has one of the most developt coat of all the animals that exist in the arctic, very adapted to cold.

Green garden snakes
wild animals
Image by NEPMET

Wild rabbit
wild animals
Image by manop

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