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Cool Toy Animals images

Some cool toy animals images:

Paper Animal #5
toy animals
Image by davis.jacque
Made from recycled cardboard, paper, watercolors, and wire. See more of my paper toys here:

doll animals
toy animals
Image by gnuru
Some young girls has been playing with these toy animals (Littlest Pet Shop?) at the Matt Helms Memorial soccer tournament at the Onslow County Soccer Association site near Maysville, NC on Saturday, August 10, 2008. They lined them up to watch a soccer match. I took this as a demo of a narrow depth of field - f-stop of 1.8 with my Canon 85mm f1.8 lens.

Perros (Centro Veterinario Animal)
toy animals
Image by Joz3.69
VQ1015 entry - Enero 2010

See where this picture was taken. [?]

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