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bone again
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Image by postbear
a bone.

advertising generally baffles and annoys me, and almost without exception makes me angry enough to kill people. on rare occasions a product or the marketing for it will endear itself to me, and that's the case here. i like to think that someone here, at some point between concept and final product launch, knew exactly what the hell was going on, but kept his or her mouth shut and allowed a single entendre to jump into the marketplace naked, fully erect and pumped full of industrial-strength viagra. focus your attention just below playful puppy and keep your hands out of your lap: yes, these are supposed to be for children (caution: autoplaying video that is also hilarious).

You Are What You Eat
video of animals
Image by Distant Hill
Monarch butterflies need plants in the milkweed family to survive. The caterpillars feed on it, which makes them unpalatable to birds. The leaves and sap contain cardiac glycosides (heart drugs), which are toxic to birds.

We have found that mowing our field in late May, just as the milkweed plants are emerging, works best to develop a healthy crop for the monarchs. The milkweed has far less competition from the grasses and becomes the dominant plant in the field. We mow a second time in late October, after the Milkweed has gone to seed.

Monarchs are amazing animals. Working with ‘Monarch Watch’,
I tagged one in 2003 that was found six months later in El Rosario, Mexico. Many of the monarchs east of the Rockies migrate there for the winter. It had flown 2288 miles!

For more monarch Info go to: www.monarchwatch.org/

For an incredible video of a monarch caterpillar transforming into a chrysalis, the pupa stage of their life cycle, check out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY-Fiyq8jc4

video of animals
Image by adam coster
A quick video of the Yosh so I can see him in action while traveling for the next month and a half.

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