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Cool Animals For Free images

Some cool animals for free images:

Recovering Patient at Free Spay/Neuter Clinic by Amazon Humane Society
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Image by AmazonCARES
THE NEED: There is massive overpopulation problem of domestic animals in Peru´s Amazon Region. Most are abandoned and/or are born in the streets where chances of survival are low.

THE ACTION: Free Veterinary Clinics for strays and owned animals. We sterilize animals and educate the public about this surgery which is uncommon and rarely performed. We also provide vaccines, anti-parasite treatments and work hard to educate the community about the importance of preventive medical care and the unique bond that people can share with a domestic pet.

NON-PROFIT ORG: Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety (http://www.amazoncares.org) (http://www.amazoncaresblog.com)

A 'Wild' Time at London Zoo?
animals for free
Image by Chris_J
A 'Wild' Time at London Zoo? - My Conscience & I

Admittedly I'm no expert on animal body language but this Sumatran tiger in London Zoo looked very depressed! Well who wouldn't be if they were locked up in a tiny concrete cell with tourists banging on windows to get your attention, cameras flashing constantly and British weather!

I've never particularly liked zoos but never really felt opposed to them, however; as I stared at this caged animal I began to feel as if it wasn't right to lock them up and showcase them; especially in such small un-natural environments. I know the issue isn't that black&white and zoos can help to educate people about conservation, help to keep species alive, provide a home for animals born in captivity that would not survive in the wild and help make money for honourable animal causes but I still didn't feel right about it. The 'Conservation, Science and Learning' that London Zoo say they provide seemed to have bypassed the young mother who banged on the window to get the attention of the animal as she said "it's nicer to see them in the wild like at Whipsnade" (a drive through 'safari park') then said "stupid lion" when the tiger took no notice of her. Feeling annoyed at just a few minutes of constant camera flashes going off by my face I felt sorry for the tiger that would have to endure it constantly and I decided to move on, not to be any more entertained or any less appalled by the rest of the zoo.

Even without my conscience bugging me; London zoo seemed tired and out of date. And considering the price (£13 for an adult) it was by no means what I consider 'value for money'. I went away feeling so glad that my family and I had got in for free on a promotional deal. I certainly didn't have a 'wild time' at London Zoo and left with serious questions about whether the animals do. All I know is that I wont be visiting a zoo, (especially London Zoo) again for a very long time despite the good work that many of them may do.

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