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Nice Animals Games photos

A few nice animals games images I found:

Terracotta votive animals
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Image by diffendale
Left, 124-128: Terracotta horse figurines.
Back right, 132: terracotta bull figurine.
136: terracotta dog figurine. Unknown provenance. 1st half of the 7th c. BCE. Olympia, Archaeological Museum, Π 2944.
135: Incomplete terracotta ram. (South of the Heraion, early 9th c. BCE. Olympia, Archaeological Museum, Tc 2816)

8th c. BCE.
Olympia, Archaeological Museum.

On display in the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games in Antiquity.
Ancient Olympia, Greece

Blue Monkey - Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
animals games
Image by David d'O
19 October 2009 - Rufiji River, Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Blue Monkey or Diademed Monkey / Diadeemmeerkat (Cercopithecus mitis)

For those who like the biological details:
Click a link and you'll go to the Flickr photo page for that rank in the biological classification.

Phylum: Chordata; Vertebrates / Gewervelden
Class: Mammalia; Mammals / Zoogdieren
Order: Primates; Primates / Primaten
Suborder: Haplorrhini; Tarsiers, Monkeys and Apes / Apen en Spookdieren
Infraorder: Simiiformes; Simians / Apen
Parvorder: Catarrhini; Old World Monkeys and Apes / Smalneusapen
Superfamily: Cercopithecoidea; Old World Monkeys / Apen van de Oude Wereld
Family: Cercopithecidae; Old World Monkeys / Apen van de Oude Wereld
Subfamily: Cercopithecinae; Baboons, Macaques and Vervet Monkeys / Meerkatachtigen
Genus: Cercopithecus; Guenon Monkeys / Echte Meerkatten
Species: Cercopithecus mitis; Blue Monkey or Diademed Monkey / Diadeemmeerkat

animals games
Image by Mateen Mahboubi
Animal Upon Animal (Tier auf Tier)

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