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Animal Motor Works Skidmark Squirrel

A few nice toy animals images I found:

Animal Motor Works Skidmark Squirrel
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Image by jurvetson
The rocket plume was a veritable tower of fire.... quite a sight to behold.... and to the audience’s delight, this was just the beginning. As this motor tapered down, the rocket computer air-started a second motor that blasted the rocket out of sight with a giant plume of white smoke.

My Animal Planet Revisited
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Image by left-hand
What with winter coming up, chances for outdoor wildlife shoots become restrictive, so thought I'd put a mosaic together of some of my favourites from earlier this year...

1. Return Of Molly Dog By Poo Bin, 2. Beautifully Regal, 3. A Wiser Glare, 4. I Don't Know What This Is But I Like It, 5. Hawk Solarized!, 6. Bald Eagle In High Contrast, 7. Aah Bless, 8. Don't Fancy Yours Much, 9. Working Me Out, 10. No Ugly Duckling, 11. Simply Adorable, 12. The Dramatic Goat, 13. Baby Scops Owl In Profile

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

365 toys # 1 - mini nikki n odeco keychains!
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Image by The Thinking Doll
After seeing Elly Jelly's Odeco keychain I couldn't resist buying one for myself!

She's made herself at home in my Animal Crossing house :)

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