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Free Range
free animals
Image by mystuart
I'm pleased to note that this photo was selected by a Cornell University professor to illustrate her new science textbook on animal behavior!
Image also blogged by Indiana Public Media in May of 2011; thanks for the credit line!

These are the very birds that provide me with my breakfast egg. The flock is a mix of White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, and a breed called Production Reds. My neighbor raises these and does a large egg business at the tailgate markets and at local restaurants. Beautiful animals, good neighbors.

Casey with a goat
free animals
Image by marymactavish
Oakland Zoo, January 7, 2006
The sign on the rope said, "Goat refuge area, do not enter." But when you're in the refuge area, and there are people there who like petting goats, why would you stay behind the rope?

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