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Cool Names For Animals images

A few nice names for animals images I found:

He gave up the Hog for a Horse
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Image by pixieclipx
Same guy, different horse power!! This is Officer Newman again, but this time up on old-fashioned horse power. After years being Dirty Harry on the MERGE team, Officer Newman retired to gentler pastures and transferred to the Mounted Patrol Unit. Here he is, in 1991, at Christmas in the Park, with another officer, who I can't remember his name, and I did not care much for him anyway, he was a jerk!

This photo happens to have been taken on my birthday, 12/17, which is funny, because I have since made it my thing to go down to Christmas in the Park, as often as I can, on my birthday. I just found this photo yesterday. I was having my palms and finger prints read by a former San Francisco cop yesterday, so I was sharing my old cop photos with her, so I decided to post some of them and share them on Flickr.

I saw my birth date on this photo, and I was like, wow! Since I have been gone from SJPD, I rarely ever go to San Jose, out of fear of the PIGS that work there. I just really dislike and distrust San Jose cops. I have severe PTSD symptoms from what they did to me, and the symptoms totally kick in every time I am in that City. But, I do love Christmas in the Park. I do enjoy celebrating my birthday there at Christmas in the Park. They are not going to stop me from doing that, no matter how evil and corrupt they are. I rarely go alone, I prefer to go with someone who can protect me from them, like my husband. When I am there, driving alone, I am in absolute panic every second, my palms sweating, my heart pounding, I am literally sick to my stomach until I leave their City limits.

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